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The “Best of 2015” analysis pack represents a great opportunity to read the most popular content from the first half of this year, including some premium analysis usually available only to Ethical Corporation subscribers.

We tracked which of the many articles already published in 2015 have received the most attention, collated them into this 33-page pack, and made it completely FREE for you to download. All you have to do is complete the form on the right hand side of this page and we’ll send you an email shortly afterwards containing your brochure.

Articles include;
  • C-Suite Interview with Alexandra Palt, chief sustainability officer, L’Oréal - the CSO of the world’s largest cosmetics company outlines the thinking behind the ambitious sustainability goals they’ve laid down, and the challenges entailed.
  • Sustainable innovation: Innovation trends for 2015 - at the start of the year, Sam Phipps provided a forecast for responsible innovation, and examined the challenge of “doing more with less”
  • ECSOS Report: Global leaders see the value in sustainability - Ethical Corporation performed a wide-ranging industry survey which provides fascinating insight into the true “State of Sustainability.” This article shows just a few of the findings.
  • Corporate strategy: The time for innovation is now - an analytical article exploring the actual progress of multinational companies in warding off the vital two degree global warming limit
  • Management Spotlight: Q&A with sustainability expert Tia Kansara - the award-winning entrepreneur and director shares her insight into building the cities and products of the future
The kind of exclusive business intelligence that Ethical Corporation provide to sustainable business executives the world over is available in this pack completely free. Again, just fill out the form on the right and your complimentary analysis will be sitting in your inbox shortly

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