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Ethical Corporation's "State of Sustainability 2015" report represents an industry first - a comprehensive and vital report on the current state of CSR across the world.

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Based on the responses of nearly 1,500 sustainability and CSR professionals from all over the globe, the report provides insight on;

  • The significance of sustainability: What does it mean for different organisations? How seriously is it taken at the highest levels of management? Who, ultimately, takes responsibility?
  • The organisation of sustainability operations: Does silo thinking about sustainability still prevail, or is sustainability becoming embedded throughout the organisation? Is sustainability still largely a back-office function – providing information, training and monitoring – or a frontline role, with direct implications for the functioning of  other departments? What place does sustainability have in agenda setting?
  • Sustainability budgets and returns: What resources do organisations dedicate to sustainability? What are the identifiable returns and how are they measured?
  • Future prospects: How will sustainability evolve in the year ahead, and what will the situation be in five years’ time?
The briefing features 34 pages of expert analysis, including nearly 30 different charts & graphs and over 8,500 words of analysis, providing unique and invaluable insight into how large corporations are treating and working with sustainability.

Slated to be the first of many over the coming years, the 2015 "State of Sustainability" report promises to be highly informative and beneficial to anyone working in sustainability. Simply enter your details into the form and we'll send you your copy of the report in a matter of minutes.

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