Candy Telani Anton
Global Project Director
Ethical Corporation
T - +44 (0) 207 375 7162

Ethical Corporation is a trading name of FC Business Intelligence Ltd.
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Transform your business for a more digitalised, responsible world
2018 is bringing the best, the most innovative and most inspiring companies to Ethical Corporation’s 17th Responsible Business Summit Europe (13-14 June), with a ‘Business transformation’ agenda focus.

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For 2018 we are doing things differently, have a brand-new faculty of C-suite leaders, a completely re-designed agenda and have invited innovative companies and stakeholders to ensure companies can truly drive business transformation with integrity at its core and help meet the Global Goals.

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Below is a sample of the 2018 speaker faculty.

2018 will bring you a completely restructured agenda with an interactive new format.
Check out some of the business chosen themes for #RBSEU 2018!

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